About Me

After several years building a strong profile at the BBC, I began my freelance career in Cinematography, cutting my teeth on commercials and progressing on to TV drama and features. From here, the role of Director called, where I’ve honed a speciality in food and table top, winning awards for commercials on behalf of brands such as Oreo, Carte D’or, Waitrose, John Lewis, Bombay Gin, Huawei, Rachel’s Yogurt and Weetabix.

My work has taken me from war zones to watering holes- most regularly in Europe and the UK, but wherever in the world a great brief beckons.

I work energetically, while keeping my cool and sense of humour. My eye’s always on the detail, putting quality first and pinpointing the boundaries I can push to take a piece to the next level.

When it comes to food, my visual style is fresh and appetizing, with a quirky edge that gains cut-through for my clients.